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Making Dreams Come True

We all envision our big day as children: graduation, weddings, and even becoming parents. Regardless of the occasion, our staff is dedicated to meet the various needs of our customers. VDC is committed to transforming dreams into realities and leaving each customer with memories to last a lifetime. It is our honor to provide affordable event planning services because we believe everyone deserves to feel special on their big day.  You dream and we create, together we can produce a masterpiece!

Maurice Manley

Founder & Creative Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

The name Visions and Dreams Creators are exactly what we strive to be. Together we can create the ultimate moment in time.

We make it our mission to provide a service that is accustom to any budget. From the finest of things down to creating alternatives, to ensure that every need is met and every vision turned in to a reality.  

Activate your creativity... 

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